Good Day Everybody,


The Music Galaxy Radio - MGR was set up in 2015 with only a hand full of members as a music group page on Facebook. At that time it was called The Music Galaxy. The group was born out of an idea by my ten-year-old son who insisted on it, he even came up with the name of the music group !!!

Within six months we had over 6000 members and a very active group. It was at this point my son came up with his second great idea turning the music group into a Diverse Internet Radio Station.

Today, after celebrating our 5th year in the business, I like to announce that we have a fully operational radio station operating 24/7 and broadcasting to 130 countries and 1700 cities with live DJs to 40,000 plus listeners.

This platform for people to play and listen to music they know and love, no boundaries in genre or style, totally diverse with the emphasis on the listener, involvement and enjoyment are key.

Both DJs and Listeners can get involved.  Whatever style or genre you play or listen to, MGR will have something for you. So, now you know what it’s all about, gets involved and become part of the MGR family.

Delivering genres of all kind from and to all corners of the globe. MGR is a non-profit organization, it's all about the music and it always will be. With some of the best known and undiscovered talent, MGR brings listeners 24/7 entertainment.



6 Reasons for you to Listen to MGR!!!



Listeners become friends


Our our friends.DJS interact and engage with listeners on our chat room or join the Facebook or Twitter page and get involved on the threads for the live shows and you’ll soon be a friend too. The Music Galaxy Radio has been, and always been there with the listener in mind, but the main aim of the station is to grow by way of spreading the word via you,



We're 100% none profit


The Music Galaxy Radio has been set up so the only gain is the enjoyment of music, we have a few partners that enable us to bring you the music we do and we offer you the chance to feel a bit more part of the station by offering you MGR Merchandise and donations but every penny is put back into the running of the station.





We know how to party


We are all lovers of music, and as you become more involved with the shows, you will quickly see we all love what we do, and love the music we bring you, and this will be possible to hear in our shows and see for yourselves at our exclusive events,

this really is all about the music.




We're welcoming


If you feel like you would like to be a part of The Music Galaxy Radio, in any way, then get in touch, we are always open to suggestions, comments, and opinions, but also open to fresh ideas and new talent that may have that little something different to offer.





We're talented


We have sourced some of the finest DJs from all over the globe, with a blend of established names, and fresh unknown up and coming people who are skilled in musical deliverance, all with the aim of giving the listener an experience, rather than just listening.




We love music


Our blend of styles, genres, and nationalities means we can bring you a huge variance of music where no 2 DJs play the same music, which allows you, the listener to see how much we love what we hear too.


MGR has some legendary DJs, transatlantic DJs, European DJs, Record Label Support & some fantastic new talented DJs alike.